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Song lyrics - Buckeyes Empty Song lyrics - Buckeyes

Post  studentofrhythm on Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:50 pm

Lyrics to another song I have sketched out. The verses are sung to a slightly snappy 6/8 (I don't know the correct Italian term for the tempo, sorry) accompanied by bass clarinet and/or cello and castanets. I have a 4/4 instrumental break planned between the verses with piano, cello, b.c. and drum kit. The whole thing seems earnest and childlike to me, mostly because of the melodies, and this causes me to doubt its appeal to many potential listeners.

But this is about the words, sorry. So here they are:


Feel their round weight in your open hand.
They’re cool and smooth and still slightly damp.
They ask you to toss them up into the air
and then catch them again.

Admire how neatly they land in your palm,
irregular forms, their skin hard and brown.
Throw if you wish, but they are a comfort in your grasp.


Rub them together around and around
as if by that you could polish them more.
They slowly take on the warmth of your skin,
give calm and quiet sounds.

Keep them as treasures. They’ll dry over time
and begin to shrink.
But as they change shape, they’ll still be a comfort in your grasp.


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Song lyrics - Buckeyes Empty Re: Song lyrics - Buckeyes

Post  FairyDust on Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:54 pm

I had to reference buckeye lol... horse chestnuts! Smile
I'd like to hear this to music, love the flow though, sounds like it would be very easy to listen to when put to music.


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