A new short story in the works.

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A new short story in the works. Empty A new short story in the works.

Post  KindOfBlue06 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:21 am

This is a short story I have in the works. I won't reveal the plot or main themes yet, I just want feedback on the character(s) and story so far. Be as honest and sincere as you can. I hope you like what's here so far, because I have big plans for this one.

After a long string of flings, failures and romantic mishaps of all sorts(most of which upon futher reflection on her part were nothing more than slight fleeting cases of "puppy love") Lisa decided that her dabbling in differnt men of different kinds had at last come to an end. When it came to men, she had perculiar tatses and a particular pallate, and although her toned figure had the habit -both to her annoyance and secret pride- of turning the heads of men wherever she went, she tired easily of most of the ones that she came in contact with. When it came to either sex -the opposite especially, she could read them a mile away, and she knew instantly their weaknesses and to what extant their percieved strenths tried to mask them. She learned this clever skill from her college days when she would frequent bars and parties not just for the mere act of socializing(of which she was a master) but to sample, buffet style all sorts of masculine suitors.

THe party scene of her college days -of wich no significant affect was to be had on her youthfull appearance (with which she paid he utmost attention to) reminded her of the boredom she found with most things. SHe tired easily of both the straight and narrow and wayward in a man, and in every lover she had, she grew bored with either the sex or the words and actions that both preceded and followed the carnal act.

The word "New" excited her to no end. She reveled in new fashions, new friends, but most significanltly -new men. The latter part changed however, when Lisa met Paul -an upperclass sincere man of means, intellifgnce, and reason. Paul with his dapper good looks, his security and devotion had at last hooked Lisa into wedding him. Their engadgement lasted only 6 months, and on an overcst day towards the end of August, they exchanged vows durign an outdoor ceremony much to the joy and excitement of a packed lawn of family and friends.

Three happy, albeit uneventfull years followed their luxurious two week honeymoon in the Camans(paid for by the wealthy parents of the groom), and upon their return to the States, they settles into a nice loveable routine.

Lisa of course, has everything she thinks she wants; a high paying job in the city, a house tucked back at the end of a lovely stretch of street in the suburbs amongst near identical abodes, and cheerfull neighbors. The blocks of houses and trimmed lawns in all direcetions are quiant and pristine -a good place to settle down and raise the family she's dreamed of since girlhood.Yet there is some hole that Lisa cannot seem to either feel or fill...


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