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Post  MissingInAction on Wed May 09, 2012 3:28 am

I hear you ask
in your solitary cage
for me to let you rest,
but dawn after dawn,
I apologize,
for I need you
to be with me.

You wander
like pollen, weary
as you fall
onto a hummingbird’s wing
or a gentleman’s coat,
for you are tired
but you soldier on
as you bring wonders
before me.

I remember you
only when I wake,
for darkness frightens me;
you tuck
golden strips of sunlight
into your sleeves,
promising me
a new day.

You are patient
as I flood you
with words
you don’t understand
and faces
you merely recognize
as colors and shadows,
for you can only see
in figures and proportions.

Someday, my friend,
I shall be your ears
and your lips;
I shall tell you stories
about the beauty
that you showed me
and perhaps, on that day,
you shall know me
as the soul that made you see.


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